Talking My Soul

by 5j Barrow



Engineered and Mastered by Steve Goldman at Four Legs Records

Artwork by Kyle Netzeband


Talking my soul to a close up friend
Choking on thick air burning in my chest
And stripping my secrets

Running in the night with red stained lips
High on the damp grass
As I lay back body to the earth
We’re squinting at the sky
Shooting stars
And flickering madness
Overwhelmed by my life
And its death

The sun starts to rise
With every color in view
One by one we lose grasp of the night
One direction, the moon
One direction, dim morning light

Arms wrapped and twisted around our backs
Our shadows stretch down the street
Making sure to cover every crack
From the dim sweet light
Of the shining lamp posts
Making our mark
On your special street
Named after my favorite tree that weeps

Let’s get a boat and sit out at sea
You and me
And discuss our life at land,
How we want it to be

Everything illuminates at night
Tranistioning to light
Isn’t that life?
Constant terrifying changes
The second you feel settled
It’s time to move onward, onward, onward
Wish like crazy this night could last forever
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye..

Let’s get a boat and sit out at sea,
you and me,
and discuss our life at land
how we want it to be

So we only get just this night, Louie
I’m leaving in the morning
Let’s savor every minute that goes by
Like a map we'll follow with the slightest change of color
in that sky
All senses, open and willing

Let’s get a boat and sit out at sea,
you and me
And discuss our life at land
how we want it to be

Talking my soul
That’s me and my friend, Louie

Lyrics by Eryn Murman


released 22 February 2014



all rights reserved


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5j Barrow New York, New York

If you were to walk through Greenwich Village in the late 50′s through the mid 60′s, chances are you would encounter a people who were driven by their passions. Singers, musicians, painters, poets, writers, and other creatives building art together. It is this spirit that still remains in our floorboards, and stained on our windows that face the Hudson. ... more

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